At KiwiDebt, we're here for you.

Kiwidebt is 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Established , KiwiDebt was established by a family in Auckland in January 2008 who saw the effects of the Global financial crisis, and the impact it would have on New Zealand families. To date, we've helped many people get their financial life back on track, by working with them and their creditors to reduce their payments and alleviate their financial stress.

Kiwidebt is a privately owned company, so we aren't controlled by market forces and the financial markets. We're committed to making New Zealand and it's economy successful, in comparison to other leading Western countries who are presently experiencing financial meltdowns and recessions.

We work solely for our valued clients, and set up financial payment plans that are tailored to suit you. In a large number of cases, through our relationships with Financial providers, we're able to negotiate to withhold charges and interest by setting up a financial agreement in partnership with you. This is done on the basis that you as our client will pay us regularly.

Many people have discovered the financial freedom that comes from working with us to reduce debt. Give us a call today and allow us to take that same financial pressure away from you.

We are not Debt Collectors, we are Debt Mediators, Debt Managers, Debt Settler's, and we will where possible help with issues you have with an inability to meet your committments under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.

We also do not act as Financial Advisers in relation to Investments, Insurance or other associated products. We do not lend money, and act solely as an intermediary with companies to reduce your outstanding debts through the Debt Mangement and/or Insolvency Processes.


Plan for Creditors

The KiwiDebt system, does not just have to benefit those in debt, it can also benefit those that have debtors that are having financial difficulties

If you are a creditor, and you deal with the public, contact us about how you can offer a 'first choice' to your debtors, before getting companies involved thay may add further costs to your client, who may already be overcommitted

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