Information provided to creditors

With the growth of Identity Fraud on global scale, KiwiDebt Limited will no longer provide copies of any information which (if misappropriated) may be able to be used to perpertrate identity fraud.

Many Collectors (who do not have direct access to the account details of the account they are collecting) do not have the ability to identify the person that owes a debt to a creditor. If is for this reason, they request information which can be used to identify the person that they are speaking to in order to set up arrangements.

A few collections agents have been asking for Drivers Licence, passport, credit cards etc.

We strongly recommend anyone that is providing information to collection agencies to think about what they are providing, and thoroughly investigate how that information is used and stored.


KiwiDebt Policy

It is the policy of KiwiDebt Limited to only provide limited information for creditors and only relevant information will be provided.

KiwiDebt will not forward any copies of identification, however will (where requested) sight a clients identification, and make a declaration which outlines this.

More on Identity Fraud (theft)

In the United Kingdom, Identity Fraud is a growing problem, with people obtaining information about someone, and applying for credit cards, and making the victim liable for the outstanding debt.
Many card companies have identified this as an issue and have procedures in place to avoid liability to a victim of this type of crime.

More information can be found [HERE]