People get into debt for a number of reasons.

In most cases it isn't because they've been reckless or even careless, but it is often the result of a change of circumstances that sometimes is unexpected.

Loss of income through redundancy, splitting of finances due to a divorce or separation, or illness and other life changing events. Most of our clients contact us after attempting to keep up the repayments for a long period, but find themselves struggling to make ends meet.

There usually comes a point when they realize that they have to take drastic action or face a never ending amount of financial demands from creditors. As time goes on, debts increase on a daily basis with added interest and charges, and the payments are not actually reducing the balance.

Our debt management plan will put you back into control without borrowing more money (experience shows that this can just make things worse). With only one payment to make and a realistic chance of getting your interest and charges frozen, your debts will be repaid as quickly as possible.


Plan for Debt Freedom

A Debt Management Plan is an informal process of negotiating with your creditors for:

Although creditors are not required by law to adhere to any of the above, many creditors see the positive work we at KiwiDebt are doing to assist families in financial difficulty, and are taking positive steps to assist us to help.

A Formal Creditors Proposal is a formal procedure to repay your debt over a specified term, with ascent from your creditors
The Proposal is made under part5 of the Insolvency Act (2006), and is also known as a part 5 insolvency.

The proposal is based on affordability and acceptance.
Creditors are requested to vote for the proposal which needs a majority to pass at a meeting of creditors
The Outcome of the vote is submitted to the high court for examination and ascent

Debt Settlement.
In the off chance you have been in financial difficulty for some time, and you have received a payout from somewhere, whether it be a loan, a bonus, etc, a Debt Settlement may be a way to make the greatest difference in your debt in the shortest period of time.
Upon payment of your 'bonus' to KiwiDebt we will make offers to your creditors to reduce your debt and (if possible) write off any existing balance.

At KiwiDebt, we do not provide loans for the consolidation of your debt.
Our ethos is don't finance short term debt with long term finance.

We can discuss many options available to you including Debt Management, Debt Consolidation, and Bankruptcy.

We operate during the hours that are designed to suit you best. We're available between 10:00am and 6:00pm, Monday to Thursday, and 10:00am and 4:30pm on Friday. If you wish to make an appointment outside these hours please call or e-mail for an appointment, we will do our best to get a time that suits you.

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