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A small New Zealand family owned company, who have been here serving other Kiwi's both here and abroad since 2008.

KiwiDebt 1st debt management

1st for you

Sep. 15th

KiwiDebt Limited was established in 2007 following the recognition of the number of people who were recognised as needing financial help after the impact of the recession and the impact on people that were financially overcommitted.

The KiwiDebt Logo represents the aspects present in our ethos, maintaining kiwi support systems, whilst turning around the situation for clients allowing financial rehabilitation.

Kiwidebt Debt Support

1st in Debt Management

Kiwidebt Limited was the first Debt Management company in New Zealand, introducing New Zealand to a concept that had been working in many other countries successfully.

The results were quickly found and the number of satisfied clients grew rapidly.

In addition to Debt Management KiwiDebt introduced Debt Settlement another useful tool in the debt arsenal.

virtual debt management

1st Virtually

Long before covid, in a small office KiwiDebt was assisting clients all around the country, from Kaitaia to Invercargill.

People were able to reach out without having to suffer the embarrasment of going to talk to someone face to face, instead there was someone there to answer their call for help, an empathetic ear for them in their distress.

Rebalancing the Financial Equation

KiwiDebt has filled a gap in the finance sector, creating a table around which people can communicate to make things work.
Giving debtors a voice where they had previously been ignored, giving power to the powerless.
KiwiDebt is constantly promoting ethics and resolution as a means to agreement.