Being a new business in New Zealand is hard enough without there being any misunderstandings in respect of the type of services which we provide.
In order to ensure clients, creditors and other organisations know exactly what we do, we have the following question and answer page for you.

Are you debt collectors or offering debt collection services?

NO Kiwidebt does not offer any form of debt collection service, nor are we debt collectors, our goal is to help our clients (debtors) receive freedom from their debt burden.
This may be by any number of services including mediation, negotiation, forgiveness, debt arrangement, Insolvency, or Debt settlement.

Do you charge for your services?

Yes Kiwidebt, unlike many other organisations, does not use a funding model which leverages money from the government, or taxpayers to operate.

Why dont your clients just go bankrupt?

People engage the services of Kiwidebt for a number of reasons, but the most common is that, although clients realise they owe the debt to creditors, our clients want to pay their obligation, but cant for a number of reasons.
For some clients they have a type of employment where if they were to declare bankruptcy, they would lose their job, further contributing to the drain on other taxpayers as they draw a benefit while they are unemployed.

Arent KiwiDebt Clients just 'debt dodgers'?

Nothing could be further from the truth.
KiwiDebt clients are just people who have families, people from all walks of life, people who for some reason, whether it be due to illness, injury, reduced hours, being out of work, or just getting to a point where the increased cost of living has left less and less to pay their debt.
Debt Dodgers dont generally engage the services of KiwiDebt.

Isn't it their fault for taking the debt in the first place?

It is true, there is a responsibility for the debtor, however no-one forced the lender(s) to extend the debtor money in the first place.
We cant just say, people who borrow money are all bad, as without borrowers, investors cant invest, and banks couldn't offer interest

Lenders, and other creditor organisations know that there are debtors, and both the Institute of Chartered Accountant's and the New Zealand Government, agree that not everyone will maintain their ability to repay debt, that is why ICANZ, and the NZ Government allow creditors the ability to report provisions for doubtful debts, and having the ability to expense bad debt

Do creditors still charge fees and interest?

Although many creditors have 'matured' to the services KiwiDebt provide and 'freeze' the accounts of our clients, we cant force creditors to stop charging fees and interest if they dont want to. There are still some organisations that refuse to 'give the debtor a chance'.
Greed and excess is a part of our society, and some creditors believe that the best way to assist their clients is keep the pressure on their clients, pushing them further and further to the brink, both financially and mentally.

KiwiDebt is continually working with organisations to put an end to these - opressive actions, however it may take a long time for all creditors to 'mature' to our services.


We regularly get comments from people who dont have any debt, and have worked to build up a portfolio of houses, or investments, and are in a position where they dont need to borrow money. They comment that people who are in financial difficulty are there because of their own fault.

It is naieve to say, that debtors are not good people, and that it is their fault.

We have seen a substantial amount of people become 'defaulters' through no specific fault of their own, it could be as simple as battling cancer, or as complex as a relationship breakdown, and the subsequent costs involved with solicitors, house sales, custody agreements, retraining, and paying child support.

If you are lucky enough to have not had anything like this happen to you in your life, rather than 'point the finger' at others, consider your situation next time that you are thinking of putting your tennants rent up, as you may just be one of the causes of others problems.